The Forgive & Live Experience

The Sheep, The Sheepdogs and the Wolves


There are three types of people in the world: Sheep, Sheepdogs and Wolves. Which are you?


Do you wanna build a treehouse? This 5 year old boy wanted to.


When I was 5, I thought I could tackle a problem in my life by building a treehouse.


Interview on the Iron Jen Show

Even if you could work 168 hours this week, you couldn't get it all done.


168 hours is STILL not enough time to get everything done if you are not prioritizing and doing what YOU are called to do.


Coincidence? I think not.


There's no such thing as a #coincidence.


Thank God For Unanswered Prayer


Is it unanswered #prayer? #Garth #Brooks is thankful for it. Read why...


Is Your CB Radio Stuck On Transmit


During the sermon, some "colorful" trucker language blasted its way onto the sound system.


Margins: Necessary in books AND LIFE!


$20 for a book, and then a fourth of each page is empty margin! Did you get your money's worth? What if they...


Is Big Bertha in your church?


You're speaking your heart out, but you let ONE PERSON in the third row affect you negatively...BERTHA...


Dragons of the Mind


This is the story of the years I spent in wonderland but far from being a delightful place as the name may imply it was a... 


Depression...It's easy to sink into!


It was right before spring break and I was having one of those weeks every teacher dreams of...


Is retirement what you're living for?


I could #retire from the #Army #Band at half pay with just 20 years, but #retirement is not what I'm #living for. Are you?


The Best 20 minutes of my day!


The best 20 minutes of my day are spent doing this...


Do you have a heavy burden?


Do you feel like your burden is heavy? You may be doing something God has not called you to do. Christ says in Matthew 11:30 that His yoke fits perfectly and His burden is light.


Are you called to full-time music ministry?


Are You Called to Full-Time Music Ministry?


Advice for hiring a worship leader


Why you might look at part rather than full time

From 1996-2000, when I was in traveling music ministry full time, the church’s music pastor was often the one who would pick me up, take me to dinner, etc. I think because I was an out-of-towner, they often felt comfortable sharing their discouragements with me